Why small is powerful!

“We are a small artisan bakery” this is often my introduction of the business to potential new clients and anyone else who asks where I work! I include the word “small” because it’s the truth (we are a team of less than ten people!) but also because I believe it is a strength.

Over the years we have worked on huge marketing projects with big brands delivering delicious products. Our approach to these larger companies is the same as our approach to smaller corporate clients and our direct sales customers; if we can help, we will. It’s here that being small really makes the difference. We can work with our clients to create a product that adds value to their campaign or project - something that we’re all proud of. It is either myself, one of my sisters or my father who will answer the phone - that’s it. As a small team we invest the time and understand the importance of listening. We see time and again that a small cake or gift really can create a big reaction from clients...small is powerful!


Alice Wragg
Corporate Account Manager
Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery Ltd